PR1- Model of working with inmates- sex offenders – Download
The Educate & Support Model of working with inmates – sex offenders provides the didactic methodology for the Learning Modules for experts and the Programme Toolkit with intervention programs. The model combines all pedagogical methods derived from partners’ theoretical backgrounds and practical experiences that are applicable and relevant to the project and the target groups. It brings together state-of-the-art approaches, methods, stakeholders’ and policymakers’ perceptions, but also data available at the EU and national levels to support experts and institutions dealing with sex offenders. It also reflects the requirements of the project’s target groups and the key players identified by the partners. The Model is based on key practices that have been proven effective in the partnership countries or practices that have been designated as ineffective and need further improvement.

PR2- ICT tool for competence assessment – Download
The ICT Tool for Competence Assessment is addressed to experts working with sex offenders (prison educators, therapists, psychologists, etc.) to evaluate their competencies and knowledge in specific fields concerning the support of sex offenders. It is a standardized tool according to the psychometric approach, useful in order to indicate the needs of the experts for training through a pre-evaluation phase and to assess the results of the training through a post-evaluation phase. The tool’s user can choose through pre-determined statements in areas that will correlate with the defined topics of the Learning Modules for experts. The tool will determine the relevant norms and predispositions of the user (i.e. strengths and weaknesses of the user). After the completion of the tool, an individualized report will be produced for the users, indicating the results and proposing which training path should be followed within the Learning Modules (PR3).

PR3- Learning Modules for expertsDownload
The Educate & Support Learning Modules for experts aim to provide the groundwork and content to develop and refine the facilitation and training skills and capacity of the experts working with inmates – sex offenders to better support and improve the sex-offenders engagement and retention. The learning modules are adapted to the topics and objectives identified as most important in the Educate & Support Model (PR1). The Learning Modules are based on a more interactive and practical approach than a theoretical one and will employ both formal and non-formal education methodologies according to the needs of the end-users as identified in the Model (PR1).

PR4- Programme Toolkit with intervention programsDownload
The Educate & Support Programme Toolkit with intervention programs aims to offer a holistic solution for experts working with inmates- sex offenders in their efforts for implementing interventions that aim at the sex offenders’ rehabilitation and reintegration into society. The Programme Toolkit focuses on two key areas to facilitate the personal development and reintegration of sex offenders: 1) psychological intervention programs and 2) educational intervention programs. The Programme Toolkit with Intervention Programs is adapted to the findings of the Educate & Support Model (PR1) and the specific needs of the inmates-sex offenders.

PR5- Exploitation GuideDownload
The Educate & Support Exploitation Guide supports the experts and other interested stakeholders on how to efficiently and successfully use the Educate & Support results and tools. One of the core objectives of the project is to promote and uphold a high standard of capacity among the experts and institutions working with sex offenders. For this purpose, it is essential to provide comprehensive guidance material for the use of the Educate & Support results. The Exploitation Guide is based on the development of the rest of the project results and ensures the effective sustainability of those.