Educate & sUpport

The European project Holistic Educational Support for Sex Offenders in the EU – Educate & Support, is approved under the Erasmus+ programme and aims to develop a holistic psychoeducational evaluation of the inmates – sex offenders and to reinforce the capacity of Εxperts working with them. The project’s goal is to reduce the likelihood of recidivism and promote the former inmates’ efficient re-integration to the society.

The project will have the following desired results:

  1. Educate & Support Model of working with inmates – sex offenders: will provide the didactic methodology of the project results and reflect the requirements of the project’s target groups.
  2. Educate & Support ICT tool for competence assessment: will evaluate the Εxperts’ competencies and knowledge in specific fields concerning the support of sex-offenders.
  3. Educate & Support Learning Modules for Εxperts: develop and refine the facilitation and training skills and capacity of the Εxperts to better support and improve the sex-offenders engagement and retention.
  4. Educate & Support Programme Toolkit with intervention programs: aiming to the sex offenders’ rehabilitation and smooth reintegration.
  5. Educate & Support Exploitation Guide: guidance material on how to use the Educate & Support results and tools.

Additionally, it will raise awareness on the importance of introducing holistic psycho-educational training and intervention programs regarding the successful support and management of sex offenders, in order to reintegrate them into society and reduce the chances of reoffending.

For the successful production of the above outcomes, the project will focus on implementing the following activities by all partner organizations:

  • Develop and reinforce networks that will, in turn, promote locally and nationally the knowledge and expertise obtained from this project.
  • To exchange good practices among all organizations involved.
  • Support and enhance the skills of the experts working with sex offenders.
  • Foster the development of social and civic competencies of sex-offenders.
  • Promote easy access, participation, and education of all the aforementioned groups (experts, offenders and other organizations and institutions) to the project’s aims and goals.

The above activities will lead to the creation of a concrete psycho-educational intervention program, to meet the needs of the inmates – sex offenders, focusing at a holistic intervention and rehabilitation approach.

Organizations taking part in this project come from CyprusGreece, Italy and Romania.

Duration: 01/12/2021 – 30/11/2023